What Is Healthy?
Chasing Good Taste in Food and Wine
Today’s guest is Laura Donadoni, a certified professional journalist and certified Sommelier, passionate about the world of gastronomy and oenological education.
What Is Healthy?
Staying Fit and Healthy while Traveling the World
Today’s guest is Shelby Albo, a travel guru and a fitness trainer, who shares her tips and experiences on Travel Fit Love, a personal blog about exercising while traveling or quarantined.
What Is Healthy?, with Chef Julia
Baking Outside the Lines
Today's guest is Lani Halliday, food artist, baker, and founder of Brutus Bakeshop, a gluten-free pastry company.
What Is Healthy? with Chef Julia
Build a Healthy Relationship with Food
Today’s guest is Emily Hochman, founder and CEO of Wellory, an app that delivers personal nutrition coaching to help create more healthy habits.
What Is Healthy?
A Wine Adventure
Today's guest is Cha McCoy, a certified sommelier, curator, host for intimate wine experiences, and founder of Cha Squared LLC, a consulting company with a focus on gastronomy, education, and training.
What Is Healthy?
Walking Down The Aisle of Entrepreneurship and Health
Today’s guest is Neela Asaadi, CEO and Creative Director of Asaadi Graphics, a boutique NYC-based studio specializing in creative solutions for wedding design, business, and personal branding.