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With Laura Lea Bryant

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Learn how to make affordable and delicious meals! Today’s guest is Laura Lea Bryant, an author, holistic chef, and founder of LL (Laura Lea) Balanced, where her goal is to offer healthier versions of Southern classics, and introduce new ideas about food.  She was born and raised in Nashville with a deep relationship with food, as her family prepared homemade meals every night. After graduating from the University of Virginia, she moved to New York City to do a paralegal job while applying to law school. At that moment, she found herself in a routine life, following a path that did not satisfy her, and with a life that did not make her proud. From there, she discovered that the National Gourmet Institute (NGI) was located right there in New York and discovered her true passion. Since graduating from NGI, she has moved to her beloved hometown of Nashville and started her already renowned business, LL Balanced.  


  • Laura Lea Bryant tells of her experience living in New York and studying at the National Gourmet Institute (NGI).
  • She tells why she created the Simply Balanced Meal Plan Community.
  • She gives her perspective on what is healthy for her.
  • Laura emphasizes on creating a good environment so that cooking is an enjoyable experience.
  • Laura explains why she used Walmart products for her meal plans.
  • She says why she doesn’t share nutrition information in her recipes.
  • The importance of making peace with leftovers; easy to reheat and ideal for freezing.

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