Health Chef Julia Chebotar is an award-winning chef and a Food Network’s Chopped Champion. Based in New York City, Julia has nearly a decade of experience under her belt, she’s worked as an executive chef, private chef, and restaurateur to bring food to life through bold flavors, colorful ingredients, and some extra spice when necessary! Julia has a passion for creating recipes and food solutions founded upon a healthy, sustainable and supportive lifestyle that is both fun and enjoyable. With a knack for social media marketing and public speaking, Julia has been able to cultivate a following of nearly 15,000 people across different social media platforms. She is constantly developing new and creative recipes and contributing content for notable media outlets, brands, and magazines.  Chef Julia has become known as a culinary expert who shares her knowledge on podcasts, corporate wellness seminars, virtual webinars, virtual team-building events, and virtual cooking classes.  Julia’s love for the kitchen started with her grandmother, whose love for food inspired her own! Julia was mesmerized by her grandmother’s skill and creativity in the kitchen––and so her own love affair with food and cooking began. By eight years old, she had my own apron, and she was calling the shots in the kitchen (you know how fiery redheads can be!). Julia is all about creating a combination of what tastes great and makes us feel good, inspiring a happy and healthy life, but don’t get her wrong––cocktails and cheeseburgers can be included. 

From delicious personalized meal plans to nutritious meal programs,
it’s all about putting your best self forth through food and
I’m here to help you!

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