Bringing Art Into the Kitchen

With Ariela Trepman

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It looks fantastic, but it tastes better! Today’s guest is Ariela Trepman, an entrepreneur pastry chef, creator of One Hungry Baker, where she brings art into the kitchen with her DIY Galaxy Cake Kits. Ariela was born in Mexico City, and since she was little she wanted to be a chef. Although she was never very good at cooking, she wanted to study baking, to learn something that she did not know how to do. She was accepted into The Culinary Institute of America and her adventure began. After earning a bachelor’s degree in bakery and baking arts, she worked at Gramercy Tavern, a Michelin-starred kitchen in New York City. With two amazing and exhausting years of experience in the field, she decided to start One Hungry Baker, where she had room for creativity and to play with the mixture of art and food. In this way, she created a tasty product, where people can enjoy making and eating it.


  • How did Ariela get into The Culinary Institute of America without having baked before?
  • Her experience working for a Michelin star restaurant in New York.
  • The idea that made One Hungry Baker begin; combining the two things she really likes, art and food.
  • What does healthy mean to her; everything in moderation.
  • The best part of baking; learning from trial and error.
  • Ariela’s relationship with cooking and why she prefers baking.
  • The DIY Galaxy Cake kits that she made so that everyone can create it as they like.

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