Walking Down The Aisle of Entrepreneurship and Health

With Neela Asaadi

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Food is culture, and how we relate to it is, too. Neela Asaadi is the CEO and Creative Director of Asaadi Graphics, an NYC-based boutique studio specializing in creative solutions for wedding design, business, and personal branding. Born to a Persian family settled in the United States, she understands that people relate to gastronomy in different ways. Her love for cuisine started by watching her mother’s love and dedication towards cooking. Since then, food for her is all about bringing people together and sharing moments. Being a business owner gives her the opportunity to choose her own schedule, so that’s why she takes that chance to get the work done without neglecting a healthy diet and exercising.


  • Neela tells how her love for food started by living with her Persian family in the US.
  • She believes moderation is the key to enjoying food without guilt.
  • Neela shares her approach to Eastern medicine and Ayurveda.
  • She talks about starting hydrotherapy to help her digestive system and learning to take care of her body.
  • Neela explains she had to change the “Wedding Collective” with COVID-19.

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