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With Cha McCoy

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Learn how to know what wine to buy! Cha McCoy is a certified sommelier, curator, host for intimate wine experiences, and founder of Cha Squared LLC, a consulting company with a focus on tourism, gastronomy, hospitality experiences, education, and training. In 2010 as a civil engineer, she traveled to Italy to achieve her MBA and she fell in love with wine’s magic. When she returned to America, she started her education and became a wine expert, transitioning between two very masculine industries. She currently divides her time between Lisbon and New York, working as Cherry Bombe Magazine’s Beverage Director & Editor and as a Brand Ambassador for New York Wine & Grape Foundation. She spreads her passion and unique sensibility for wine all over the world, making wine more accessible, dismantling what she calls palate discrimination in food & beverage.


  • Chacine explains why she decided to switch from being a civil engineer to a sommelier.
  • She talks about The Flight Cru and the virtual tastings in the context of COVID.
  • She discusses the importance of supporting independent winemakers such as Tara Gomez, the Native American founder of Kitá Wines.
  • Chacine speaks about her concept of health and what different areas that word covers.
  • She tells concepts to take into account when choosing a wine and the particularity of Portuguese wines.

To learn more about Cha McCoy, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram. If you are interested in getting a discount for Flight Cru, the code is CHALIFE. Get it here.

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