Love, Appreciate, and Embrace your Body

With Chrissy King

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It’s time to love, appreciate, and embrace our body! Today’s guest is Chrissy King, a certified personal trainer, lifestyle instructor, and writer who embraces body liberation and aims to create equity in the wellness industry. After years of trying various diets and being very unhealthy, she decided to hit the gym with the sole goal of being slim. Fortunately, in the process she learned about strength training and weight lifting, where she discovered a new passion and shifted her focus from being slim to accepting herself. She began training people to help them love their bodies and have a good time exercising, as well as enjoying life without shame or guilt. Chrissy empowers women to stop shrinking, build strength in all areas of their lives; making them feel badass in the gym, to then feel badass in life too.


  • Chrissy explains what is healthy for her; listening to our body, how we feel and what we need.
  • How the diet-culture led us to believe that food is only fuel, when in reality it is pleasure, memories, experiences, and much more.
  • Her experience competing in powerlifting and how she no longer exercises because she has to, but because she wants to, and her body asks her to do it.
  • How she helps women feel badass inside the gym so they can be badass in their lives.
  • The importance of starting small when beginning to exercise, with clear and achievable goals.

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