The Talent of Achieving Natural Looks with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian

With Dr. Sheila Nazarian

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If you want to make a skin decision, she’s the one to call! Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, founder of Nazarian Plastic Surgery, and host of the Netflix show Skin Decision. Since she was a little girl, she was interested in design and the precision work that it requires. At first she wanted to do architecture, until she realized that she liked to design, but also building using her hands. That’s why plastic surgery fits her like a glove. Dr. Nazarian attended Columbia University in New York and graduated with a BA in economics with a pre-medical concentration. From there, she enrolled at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein School of Medicine, and then went on to a combined residency in plastic surgery at the University of Southern California. She always makes it clear to her patients that plastic surgery does not complete a life, because happiness comes from within and from working on yourself. Thanks to her honesty, dedication, and meticulous eye to achieve natural looks, Dr. Nazarian is known as one of the best plastic surgeons in the US. 


  • Dr. Nazarian tells us about her personal philosophy and why she believes you attract what you put out there.
  • How she handles criticism; listening to the negatives, but feeding on the positives to keep going.
  • Dr. Nazarian says what inspired her to become a plastic surgeon. 
  • What is healthy for her; time with the ones you love, self care, and exercise.
  • Misconceptions about being a plastic surgeon; thinking plastic surgery is going to complete your life.
  • A popular treatment right now; body contouring, eyelids, and facelifts.
  • What she hates about cooking; it is so ephemeral compared to plastic surgery.
  • The importance of the relationship with patients and her passion for educating the masses.

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The Talent of Achieving Natural Looks with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian



Julia Chebotar  00:04

Spice up your life with me: Health Chef Julia, as I set out on the journey of What Is Healthy. In each episode, we’ll explore the different meanings of healthy for some healthy means indulging in something decadent and delicious. For others. It’s a mental health day and a good workout. There’s more to health than just food. It’s about living well enjoying your life and having fun having you heard redheads do it best. Come with me, and we’ll find out just what healthy is. Welcome to a new podcast episode of What Is Healthy? a podcast where we share every hack to get a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. I’m Chef Julia and today we’ll be talking to Dr. Sheila Nazarian. It is so amazing to meet you. Thank you, thank you so much. I literally binge watch for the second time you’re showing Netflix.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  00:52

Oh my god, every time anybody says that. I’m like, were you crying for eight hours straight? Like how many boxes of tissues?


Julia Chebotar  01:01

Literally, you just become like, I’m obsessed with these characters. I feel like I know them. I feel like I’m part of their story. And I don’t know how, like, I don’t think I could ever be a doctor because I would just so emotionally attached to them. No, I


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  01:15

think it’s really interesting because I didn’t really start feeling like so deeply until 2020. Because I think we really, you know, all I think got a little pause and a little break and a chance to sort of step back and out of the game into the nosebleed section and really get like a macro view of our lives. And so it just kind of hit me that, you know, as a surgeon, you kind of have to be a little bit like switch on switch off with your empathy or else how are you going to cut people? You know? Yeah, so I just it’s interesting to me, how much more I think aware of feelings and what’s going on around me I have because I’ve been so tunnel vision, you know, focused on goals for so long. Yeah,


Julia Chebotar  01:58

For so long because you had college medical school residency, like Yeah.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  02:05

Yeah, like, go go go. And I think 2020 was like a hard stop, which was definitely the silver lining for me.


Julia Chebotar  02:11

Amazing. Do you mind introducing a little bit about yourself to the audience? And then I will?


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  02:17

Yeah, now for sure. I’m Dr. Sheila Nazarian. I’m a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. I’m also a mom of three, married to a brain surgeon. I’m an immigrant, an entrepreneur, and an activist of these days.


Julia Chebotar  02:36

I am an I am in awe of you. I can’t believe it. Your your kids are like, yeah, my dad’s a brain surgeon. My mom’s plastic surgeon like that is just like the most.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  02:45

I tell them, I’m like, we gave you these genetics. If you fail, we will be very disappointed.


Julia Chebotar  02:53

I always am curious to ask me plastic surgeons like, there has to be some sort of personal, like philosophy on what you’re willing to do and not do because it must be really difficult sometimes, if someone comes into your office and is like, I don’t know, I want three boobs now.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  03:09

Yeah, no, I mean, I think I always tell my disciples, I run a nonprofit where we kind of do personal and business growth for other medical, you know, practitioners. And I always tell people, you will attract what you put out there. So we always, you know, put out natural results and strong powerful messaging and sort of optimizing yourself rather than trying to change yourself. And I think that’s what we attract. So I’ve really never had, I shouldn’t say never, I get very rarely someone coming in with like a picture of a celebrity. It’s almost never, or, you know, I think it’s just like we put out there strong, strong, educated, optimized, natural results, always. And so I think that’s the type of person we attract is very much along those lines, and not someone who even wants large breasts, like forget the third breast.


Julia Chebotar  04:03

Is it like so heartwarming and kind of like moving and amazing when a person it just like comes to you it’s like, so happy with the results and like, feels like a million bucks and just is so confident and sure of themselves, like posting you think that that’s something I had to learn? Because that’s what people pay me for. So it’s almost like going to a concert and being like, wow, you


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  04:25

see You did such a good show. Like the performers. That’s their job is to give you a good show. That’s what you paid for. So I think for a long time, I wouldn’t remember any of that. I would only remember like a negative comment or somebody said something on Instagram. And I think as of like, three, four years ago, I really kind of let that go. But it took until 2020 for me to be like no, when someone compliments me, you pause, you breathe that in. You put that in your piggy bank, you know, and you kind of have to fill your soul that way in order to have more to give to your family or your friends or your patients. So, up until last year, I didn’t really let that sink in at all. I was like, Oh, you’re welcome, you know, next kind of thing. I don’t know. Well, how is it with chefs, you know, somebody says like, Ah, yeah, it’s the same thing.


Julia Chebotar  05:13

It’s the same thing. But I’ve learned to like get the negative I like the phrase be like a water, water rolling off a duck’s back, like, only the positive, like taking the positive, because then it like, shows in your food and in your ability to cook and just in your happiness, like, I just want to be surrounded by happy and I realized that in 2020, like not like, it’s really hard to be happy. Like, you have to work towards that. What inspired you to become a plastic surgeon,


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  05:40

you know, I did woodshop in the fourth grade. And I think I was the only girl in wood shop. And I just loved like the design aspects of it, like actually designing something. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen architectural plans, but it’s like, the arrow has to be a certain way, the letters there. Number two has to be a certain way. And I think I love like that precision that got all like the happy hormones going in my head. And so I thought I wanted to do the architecture, orthopedic surgery, because I really just like building too. So I kind of crossed off architecture, because I didn’t just want to design it. I also wanted to build it, we use my hands. And then I started shadowing an orthopedic surgeon, it was very cookie cutter, not very creative. And somebody told me, you know, why don’t you look into plastic surgery if you want creativity. So I did and I never looked back.


Julia Chebotar  06:25

That’s amazing. What is healthy for you. This is something that I asked every person on the podcast and it’s just so fast and so different for everyone. So I really want to know what’s healthy for you.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  06:36

It’s changing all the time. It’s interesting, I took


Julia Chebotar  06:40

actually 30 because I did just saw your your workout post, which made me want to go work out.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  06:50

No, I mean, I’m taking I’m in the middle of a 30 day kind of self imposed quarantine right now. Because, you know, kind of getting the show was my biggest goal and kind of that bucket list thing that I wanted to do all my life. And then in 2021 it actually happened and I’m like, are I like where do I go from here now? And what? What do I want to do with my platform? And what do I want to what what’s my impact kind of thing. And so I took these 30 days off, I’m gonna take another 30 days off before the year is over, because I just feel like I make such a huge leap and growth when I kind of take myself out of the game. So I think for me, right at this moment, I’m trying to figure out what that what the happy means. I think it means more time with the family. I think it means you know, more exercise and self care even though I hate exercise a lot. I’m like when do these like I don’t know when is that runner’s high kickin like when’s that gonna happen to me?


Julia Chebotar  07:40

I mean, I feel great post workout. Like, I love that feeling. But I never understood a runner’s vibe. Like, if someone’s gonna force me to do a run. Like it’s just the end of the world.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  07:49

Yeah, I know. Same. So I think doing a little bit more of that, I think, honestly, you know, maybe even a little plastic surgery. I know that sounds crazy. But I just feel like you can’t exercise and tighten your skin like you can’t exercise. I don’t know, a mommy makeover. Like I think once you hit 40, like a skin laxity is real. And maybe it’s, you know, some minimal, minimally invasive things. But I think, you know, I’m never more than like four feet away from a device or something to inject or whatever. And I never take the time to kind of do it on myself, unless I’m testing it out. To see if I like it. I want to bring that device on and maybe, you know, test it out on my staff instead of me or on me, but just once. So I think really like even laser hair removal. Like I still have the best laser hair removal device that doesn’t even hurt. It’s like a rolling mechanism. And I still haven’t on my own legs.


Julia Chebotar  08:46

So my back she’s really funny. One of my best friends is Persian, and her dad’s a plastic surgeon in New York, New Jersey. And I was I called her like this probably last year, I was like Neela like, I need to laser hair removal. Should I go to your dad’s office? She’s like, No, we actually go to Rosa on the Upper West Side. And I show up to Rosa’s office and she knows like every person in New York City that’s like going to her office. And I’m like, Well, okay, I’m a Russian ginger, but I think this will work. Let’s do a rose up. And like she just like loved


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  09:13

  1. No, I know. But it’s just like, I think some clearing up the home, perhaps getting a vacation home someplace and maybe doing some work from there every once in a while. You know, really like, I feel like right now I’m sort of running everything through a quality of life filter, whether it’s an investment or an addition to my office or bringing on another physician and like, how does this help my quality of life? My family, my employees, like, is this going to make it better? Or is it just going to be more stress? So it’s kind of a weird time for me I’ve never really taken time to like pause and reevaluate.


Julia Chebotar  09:48

I think you’re not the only one right now that’s doing that. So I think it’s like the perfect time to embrace that. I’m sure you hate this. I’m I don’t know. I don’t know if you hate this question. I’m asking Botox. I don’t know I don’t really I don’t I don’t have a problem for listeners knowing but I’ve been getting Botox since I was 2725 units in my forehead and I know that everybody says it’s like preventative and I want to know like, is it preventative? Am I gonna Am I gonna have some sort of like long term thing? Like, right now what I’ve been doing is doing 25 units every six months, but I realized that you have to switch from Botox to dice for like I swapped them. So because I heard that, like your muscles kind of get used to it, and then you need more.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  10:29

So I mean, some people definitely develop like a Botox resistance. Sometimes that happens at one year, sometimes that happens at 20 years. I started getting Botox too, when I was 28. So now I’m 41. But I always say the age doesn’t matter if the matter doesn’t age. So, but no, I definitely, I think preferred Dysport. Right now, Dysport has double the amount of toxin per ml than Botox. So if you want more paralysis, then you want to go with the sport anyway. But I’m sure you can get resistance to either one of them. I don’t think it matters whether you you know, switch back and forth. I think it just matters what your goal is like Zia men tends to have less toxin per ml. So we use that more on our comedians or actresses who still want to maintain movement, but want to soften some other wrinkles. But for me, Dysport is definitely the way to go.


Julia Chebotar  11:21

What would you say? Besides, like, I don’t know how you’re doing it all in the show and juggling three kids, like that’s incredible. But what would you say is the most challenging thing about your job? About my job?


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  11:35

Um, I think any business person will tell you HR is the hardest part of their job like, yeah, like surgeries, the easiest thing I do, it really is right? Yeah. Like,


Julia Chebotar  11:44

did you like to know, you know what to do? It’s like, very,


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  11:47

yeah, exactly. It’s like that becoming an expert at something or doing 10,000 things or whatever that book says. But no, I think the moment


Julia Chebotar  11:57

the moment you have to, like expand any kind of business, it’s just like, so hard to find the right people on the staff and like, have that.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  12:04

It’s not just that I think there’s specific challenges about being a woman, like, I might say something like, I’ll be like, you guys. I don’t know, let’s look at the numbers from yesterday. And that might send some people home crying. Whereas if a man said that, I don’t think that that would have had the same effect, you know, like, we have another celebrity plastic surgery right next door to me, literally down like right next door. And I always think like, if he would have behaved that way, just direct not even like mean, or rude or anything, it was just direct, because that’s who I am. You know, it’s just taken totally differently. So I think that’s very challenging for me, because I’m like, when does it when do I become the equivalent of a male plastic surgeon?


Julia Chebotar  12:45

I think the same way in the chef world of like, should I be mean?


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  12:49

That guy? Yeah, like, I’ve gotten the same success. I’ve got my own show, too. When do I get to that level where I’m respected or responded to the same way as a male plastic surgeon? And honestly, I think it’s never,


Julia Chebotar  13:02

I mean, I don’t think it will be I agree, I have the same kind of incidences with like, clients or proposals or even like events. And coming from a man no one would say, say anything twice. But if I say it’s, like, questioned or argued or all of the things and I’m like, but we have the same credentials.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  13:19

Yeah, exactly. And honestly, I have like the best of staff ever. But I just think when you’re a woman, things are maybe taken a little differently, or so I think more weight is put on, like, How well are you able to sugarcoat things or, like, I have a friend who’s a cardiac anesthesiologist, and she runs codes, like when people are coding in the hospital. So she’ll be like, you know, epinephrine, you know, light cane. And then afterwards, you say, I’m so sorry. Like, I’m sorry, if I was forceful, you know, and I’m like, why do I apologize?


Julia Chebotar  13:51

I hate that or like an email. Like, I hope this isn’t bothering you. Or like, I would like, why do we have to always like, sugarcoat or make the email sound a little longer versus like being direct and to the point, I don’t either, and I started playing meat on the fact as like a joke, but I was like, you know, I’m Russian. We’re direct. I’m just gonna, like, go with it. Like,


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  14:10

yeah, and I’m just like, you know, what, if you need to go home and cry, go home and cry, but I’m going to tell you if something’s off or if the numbers are off, or if you know, we need to work on something. And it’s safety for people. It’s not just my livelihood. So


Julia Chebotar  14:25

Absolutely, because at the end of day, it’s your livelihood. What do you think caught like have you had common misconceptions about being a plastic surgeon? Have people asked you like crazy thing?


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  14:35

I think the one thing that I’ve sort of always said is or like something that’s very, I don’t know, not hypocritical, but kind of like goes both ways is I always tell people like plastic surgery is not going to like complete your life. It’s not gonna make you happy, like happiness comes from within and working on yourself and like beauty on the inside. But beauty on the outside doesn’t you know, has effects on beauty on the inside. I think that’s kind of what we were exploring. With the show,


Julia Chebotar  15:01

I guess how you how you picture your how you view yourself is kind of gonna make you happy through like your own insecurity. So like if you fix that insecurity, you feel happier about yourself.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  15:11

Yeah, and I mean, the two are linked, but I don’t think somebody who’s unhappy will be made happy by plastic surgery, I think you have to have kind of a groundedness and a maturity and a certain level of happiness going into it. So I always think it’s, you know, it’s kind of like talking to my daughters about beauty, and kind of balancing the fact that I’m making people’s breasts bigger, or the fact that I’m doing liposuction on people and then see my daughter’s and be like, you know, body positivity?


Julia Chebotar  15:39

Yeah, that must be so hard.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  15:42

I think it is a little challenging. But at the same time, I think a lot of people like when I post on something body positive, or whatever, they’re like, yeah, coming from the plastic surgeon, but it is coming from the plastic surgeon like I’m here to help that last, last 5%. Or that that thing that you just can’t do yourself, because you’ve been working so hard. And it’s just not one thing that you can, you know, exercise off or diet off or workout off, whatever. So I think that is like a misconception that just because I do plastic surgery, I don’t promote body positivity. I do. It’s just hard to communicate.


Julia Chebotar  16:16

Yeah, no, I get it, though. So you mentioned that you have this new laser, and we talked about dice board and Botox. But is there a popular treatment right now that men


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  16:26

and women are doing, I mean, I do a lot of body contouring. And I think many women do that. But like eyelids, facelifts, we just got like a cool other device we got we got to cool devices in recently. And I’m always trying to be kind of cutting edge. And because I am kind of an influencer in the plastic surgery space, I do get my pick of things. And I get it first, which is fun. But we just got this machine that vibrates back and forth really quickly. So it releases all of the fat cells from their attachments before I go into liposuction. So I can actually like etch in a six pack or I can edge in our muscles. Yeah, so that’s really cool. We got two devices for skin tightening that actually skin tighten. So if I’m doing you know liposuction and inner thighs, or in the arms, for example, you’re deflating those areas with thin skin and that can lead to like sagging. So putting in these devices to kind of saran wrap the skin at the same time or just using them by themselves for someone who’s just got some loose skin and no fat. So those are it’s just it’s really cool kind of being on the cutting edge of technology and being able to bring in multiple things to get the end goal because we don’t just age in one dimension, we don’t just you know, we’re losing bone fat muscle. skin is losing you know, elasticity, so it’s growing. So you’re losing the underlying skeleton and the skins growing. That’s what causes sagging. So being able to kind of address all of it now and just giving that incredible wow result without looking fake, I think is really kind of fun. And it is very artsy.


Julia Chebotar  18:00

That’s so cool that you get to like literally create but in such a scientific way.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  18:06

Mm hmm.


Julia Chebotar  18:06

Is there a specific food that is your favorite go to like cheat day favorite thing?


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  18:13

Oh my god for cheat days. God he days because you know, it gets really hard to Yeah, like before I used to like be so skinny like, I weighed like 100 pounds, like 57959 before quarantine I was like around 130 and now I’m around 140 which is I think like what everyone’s kind of struggling with I think it is the stress though. It’s the stress hormones just holding on to you know, water and fat


Julia Chebotar  18:41

And I feel like every day it’s like a different mood that you’re in right like one day you’re happy and the next you’re like miserable again and I’m like What is happening? But yeah, for me I


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  18:49

Think my cheat is like any carb because I tried to be very low carb but like carbs.


Julia Chebotar  18:55

I know I know. I’m trying to perfect my tadi I’m getting


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  19:02

I’m I love tahdig I know but like that’s a weakness right especially with the potatoes on the bottom.


Julia Chebotar  19:08

So my Persian friend taught me how to make it with pita


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  19:11

that’s not my favorite the potatoes better


Julia Chebotar  19:14

know the potatoes better Okay,


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  19:16

you can even do it with motza during Passover I’ll be trying that


Julia Chebotar  19:19

what’s the one with the sour cherry


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  19:22

Okay, so that’s like the rice with the sour cherry Yeah, what is it called? Oh God, she didn’t Paulo maybe no shame Paulo’s with things with carrots. I forget I we like never make that we just use like regular rice and then I just go to like the store and buy it like premade from the person like from Terra Angeles on Westwood. I call the moment


Julia Chebotar  19:44

Wait I love that that stores culture Angeles.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  19:50

know it’s not the area is but I’ll literally go there and be like Hi mom. I’m home and just like buy a bunch of like premade Persian food for my kids to eat because I will confess I do not like cooking, I can do it. But I’ll tell you what bothers me about it. What bothers me about cooking? Is that you put, no, no, you put in all this work to create this beautiful thing. And then people eat it and it’s gone. Whereas plastic surgery, I put in all this work, and someone enjoys it for the rest of their life.


Julia Chebotar  20:17

Oh, I like that. That’s so true.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  20:21

Yeah. So that’s what really bothers me about cookie, oh, you put so much effort, and then people eat it, and it’s gone.


Julia Chebotar  20:27

And then they digested and it’s even more.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  20:30

And it’s gone. And then they digest. So I just like, I’m just like, Oh, it’s so like, I don’t know, I love eating, though. But


Julia Chebotar  20:38

I know. But you mentioned that you’re on a low carb diet Are you just sound like or at least trying to do like, I think things have,


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  20:45

I think things have changed like before, what I would do for the last probably 15 years like throughout residency is we just and I resurgence pretty much this way as we just do coffee, coffee dinner, that’s like normal, because there’s just no time to eat in the hospital. And so you just run on coffee. But when you have 40, it doesn’t work anymore, you actually get fatter, because your body’s in like starvation mode, I think. So now it’s kind of like doing these like chia seed situations, and just sort of eating a little bit throughout the days so that your body doesn’t go into starvation mode. And I’m also like you hear at first, I think cardio makes you hungry. And once you quit makes you crave carbs. So I think the key for over 40 is lifting weights and doing things like Pilates and sort of like stretching and strengthening and building muscle. But cardio after 40 to me just makes you fat, because it just forces you just want a bowl of pasta, you’re like, you’re ravenous. And there’s it’s like really impossible to control that. So it’s funny because I’ve kind of been saying this on the DL to my patients for years. And I’m like, but don’t tell your doctor. I said don’t do cardio. But then now like a lot of these like fitness people and no kind of like lifestyle coaches and these wellness people are saying the same thing. They’re like AF, like, go for walks, but don’t run Don’t you know? I don’t know. It just doesn’t work for me at all anymore. It’s crazy.


Julia Chebotar  22:08

Well, don’t they also say like, after a certain age, like high intensity running can be really hard on the bones, your joints


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  22:14

kind of like your back. It is it is It’s horrible. I had a patient the other day she’s like, yeah, I used to run all the time. And she’s like, you know, hitting 52 she’s like I felt when I came and walk for two days, like her joints hurts not even muscle soreness like her knees. So I think you know, things like probably biking and elliptical and just walking walking the best.


Julia Chebotar  22:34

Mm hmm. I agree. Are you a fan of like cryo, or infrared saunas? Do you think that those


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  22:41

Oh, I yeah, I actually have the LED bad. You know, the one that was on the show, I have that in my gym. So I think those are amazing. And I just got power plate, which we actually started selling on the skin spot, which is kind of like my curated beauty and like wellness stuff. So whatever I like, I’ll just put it on there. So the power plates really cool has tons of evidence from like the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. But it’s this vibrating plate that you workout on. And it’s releasing lactic acid as you’re working out. So and also, it’s triggering every single muscle several times a second. So you can you literally can’t even do crunches on it. It’s so hard. But you can do like a 30 minute workout. And it’s the equivalent of like an hour and a half normal workout. Oh, wow. So for me with little time, and also like I’ve had surgery on my leg. It’s like amazing, because you’re actually healing your body while you’re exercising. So I’d also like the LED bed, totally believing that it has some infrared in it too. So it actually lowers blood pressure naturally, they’re actually getting like an FDA clearance for lowering blood pressure without medication. And it’s it’s great for collagen elastin. So you can actually like lay in it in your bathing suit or like naked. So to tighten up like your entire skin organ. And actually have the faceplate too. So I’ll put it down.


Julia Chebotar  23:57

That’s amazing.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  23:58

But those are like, you know, high high cost high ticket items. But I mean,


Julia Chebotar  24:03

if we will, yeah, if we want to look good forever, we can invest in those things. I mean, kind of Yeah. Is it true that if you do a lot of like infrared saunas or even like anti intense cardio where you’re like just sweating profusely, that like the Botox or filler can dissipate?


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  24:22

Yeah, you can actually dissipate that faster with high intensity workouts. Yeah.


Julia Chebotar  24:27



Dr. Sheila Nazarian  24:28

You would think mine would just last forever since I have a limited workout regimen. Right?


Julia Chebotar  24:36

And because you can just inject yourself whatever you want. Um, are there any new projects that are that you’re working on in the future that are coming up?


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  24:46

Oh, always new projects. So I’ve been in talks for like a book. Because, you know, we do have that kind of like immigrant story escaping from Iran. I know you do, too. But yeah, I mean, we have like a pretty intense story. And kind of how we got here. And I think that’s in many ways, maybe kind of contributed to my ambition, you know, and I’m always struggling with how am I going to teach my kids to be that ambitious, when they’ve kind of had comfort, you know, we definitely challenged them, we don’t give them everything. And I’m kind of like that Tiger mom at times. But, you know, I think the immigrant is kind of that person that’s really got that drive and hunger to succeed, because the alternative is kind of have no other alternative than to succeed.


Julia Chebotar  25:29

Right. And if there’s just like, such an umbrella, or like, blanket of guilt, and like, you want to, like your parents tried so hard to get you here and to like, establish this life for you, and like, you have all of these goals for yourself, and you kind of like, don’t want to disappoint them. So it’s like, constant like.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  25:46

Yeah. And it’s also like, you kind of don’t want to, like, disappoint yourself, you know, because you’ve been giving this opportunity. You know, what are you going to do with it? kind of thing. So that’s one thing I might start my own podcast to, we’ll see. I need I need tips, Julia. And then yeah, you know, continuing kind of the TV presence. So that’s been really gratifying, actually. Because my whole thing has always been you know, you can always teach and influence and inspire people you know, one person at a time, but it’s just such a high for me when I’m able to do it with the masses. And that’s kind of why I wanted to show because shot kind of showing people Hey, you can have you can be a mom, you can have a career, you can be an entrepreneur, you can look good, you can dress well, that all of that is possible. And there kind of aren’t any limitations or box that you know, people will try to keep you in but really, it’s kind of like what kind of box are you holding yourself in. So


Julia Chebotar  26:40

So thank you so much for being on today’s podcast. Like honestly, all the girl crushes is happening right now like fangirling hard. But thank you so so much you want to share with the audience where they can follow


Dr. Sheila Nazarian  26:53

You where they can watch the show all of our show is on Netflix and it’s called Skin Decision Before and After. And I’m mainly on Instagram and it’s at Dr. Sheila Nazarian. So Dr. Sheila Nazarian. From there, my link tree, my link in bio will take you to the YouTube and to the you know, my I have my five other Instagram pages as well. One of them is all surgery will show live surgery and other one is all the spa procedures, lasers and injectables. One of them is for the skin spa, which is our curated medical grade e commerce skincare store. One of those for think big, which is our nonprofit. That’s the one where we teach people kind of personal and business growth skills and then the other ones for the show skin decision Netflix and the three kids. Thank you Thank you.


Julia Chebotar  27:43

And you have three kids I can’t believe like I’m so impressed. I’m so thank you for listening today’s podcast and remember to subscribe and follow me at Health Chef Julia

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