An Honest, Vulnerable, and a Different Perspective on Fitness & Wellness

With Nicole Tremaglio

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Discover what makes you different and embrace your originality! Today’s guest is Nicole Tremaglio, a speaker, dancer, content creator, and brand architect who helps fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurs in the presence, culture, and infrastructure of digital platforms. She used to work for companies where she felt really stressed out trying to compartmentalize the different facets of herself. Once she decided to start down the path of entrepreneurship, she was able to find a place for her true self without having any part of herself removed. Her mission is to inspire others to embrace their originality and live life front and center with wellness, professional empowerment, and mental health. Nicole lives to prove that anyone can pursue their passion, get paid, and be satisfied at the same time so the desire for connection and fulfillment comes full circle. Doing things differently and thinking outside the box are her mottos.


  • Nicole explains the difference between life integration and life balance, and why she thinks integration is the key.
  • She tells how giving up the corporate life resulted in finding her true self and her many facets.
  • What does a brand architect do?
  • She says exercising at home gives people more confidence than they ever would have been able to do with exercise in person.
  • Nicole speaks about why she believes in herself—healing movement.
  • She answers what is healthy for her; doing what makes you feel good.
  • Her general rule of thumb regarding eating after having an eating disorder.

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