Chasing Good Taste in Food and Wine

With Laura Donadoni

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Don’t miss the chance to learn how to buy the wine that suits you best! Today’s guest is Laura Donadoni, a certified professional journalist and certified Sommelier, passionate about the world of gastronomy and oenological education. She grew up in Bergamo, Italy, where her family produces their own wine—so from a young age, she was surrounded by vineyards, which is still an important part of her DNA. Laura worked for many years as a gastronomic reporter in several prestigious Italian magazines, where she spoke about the importance of flavors, food, and traditions. Seven years ago, she came to the United States and decided to learn about American wine culture while working as a wine ambassador, which is why she is known as the Italian wine girl; and her online community reaches 60,000 followers. At present, she is giving online classes and working on the translation of her first book, which was a success in Italy.


  • Laura tells what health means to her and why she thinks moderation is important.
  • She talks about her childhood and how growing up among vineyards determined her future.
  • Laura proudly talks about the incredible varieties of Italian wines.
  • Importance of knowing what tastes you want, to acquire a wine that suits you.
  • She explains how the wine industry is affected by all the wildfires in Napa and Sonoma.
  • Laura tells the difference between how European and American wines are made.

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