Veda For your Body and Soul

With Daniele Gates

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Changing your lifestyle might be easier than you think. For Daniele Gates, today’s guest, the key to finding balance in everything you do is picturing life as a seesaw. She’s a high school teacher and Yinsa’s founder: an Ayurvedic, yoga-centric wellness lifestyle founded on the premise that preservation of the body and soul is the key to a joyful life. Daniele started her transformation when she hit rock bottom and found yoga as a path to improve herself and help others to feel good. 


  • Daniele tells us how she started her inner transformation when she hit rock bottom and found yoga as the right way to make that switch.
  • Understanding Ayurveda’s concept: the importance of knowing we have five elements in our body (earth, fire, wind, water, and ether) to learn how to keep them balanced.
  • Daniele explains how she started making Ayurveda products due to the zero regulation on regular skin care products. 
  • She talks about Ayurveda medicine as well as the difference between these concepts and the Western world. 
  • The importance of finding balance in everything you do, from eating healthy to exercising. She believes finding a non-guilty lifestyle is the key.

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