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Food: it’s medicinal and can benefit a multitude of ailments and diseases! Today’s guest is Isabella Gambuto, recipe developer, food stylist, and former NYC restaurateur turned Certified Natural Chef. She specializes in cooking delicious, vibrant, and fresh foods that are also enjoyable and healthy. She has always been passionate about food, growing up in her father’s Italian restaurant and running it alongside him at the age of 23. When Isabella was 27, she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a uterine disease. The diagnosis changed her life, forcing her to reconsider her relationship with her own health and well-being. That path led her to sell the restaurant and pursue a new, more health-oriented career and become a holistic natural chef. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles and runs a food preparation delivery service. In addition to her prepared food delivery business, Isabella shares healthy recipes on her social media and is working on an anti-inflammatory cookbook and launching a “Chef Bella” YouTube channel this year.


  • Isabella tells how having endometriosis changed her eating habits.
  • Where did her passion for food begin; her experience from a young age with the Italian family restaurant.
  • Why after studying politics and African-American studies in college, she began to dedicate herself to gastronomy.
  • Her current lack of inspiration after doing a Whole 30.
  • Why she thinks Amazon is spoiling Whole Foods.
  • Her favorite chef: Pamela Salzman, who makes real whole foods.
  • Isabella’s opinion on cooking recipes from other cultures and cultural appropriation.

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