These Plant-Based Dressings Will Have You Trying New Recipes

With Kathryn Mann

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Dressings and sauces can taste amazing and be healthy too! Today’s guest is Kathryn Mann, founder of Bold Palate Foods, a company that creates plant-based dressings and sauces that smash the myth that healthy isn’t tasty. Kate grew up in Southern California, where her Hawaiian mother instilled in her an affinity for experimenting with food. Her first memory as a cook was helping her mother with salads, and she was fascinated by it. In 2014, she combined her love of writing with her passion for cooking when she launched the food blog “Salad Every Day,” which shares delicious and healthy salad dressing recipes. The blog increased her interest in healthy eating and creating more plant-based options, which is why she founded Bold Palate Foods as a way to bring delicious and nutritious dressings into every home.


  • Kathryn recounts where she found her inspiration to get involved in food and start Bold Palate Foods.
  • How the gastronomic blog “Salad Every Day” catapulted her interest in nutrition.
  • She tells when she started thinking about the ingredients of a salad, which could sometimes be tasty but healthy as a hamburger.
  • Kathryn explains how she experiments until she finds healthy and tasty dressings.
  • She talks about her childhood and that she was raised with a strong awareness of a healthy lifestyle.
  • She is surprised by how her customers use her dressings in foods she never imagined or as substitutes for other traditional dressings.

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