Improving Life Quality Through Plant-rich Recipes

With Dr. Adeleh Yarmohammadi

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Promoting the shift towards wellness is what the best doctors do. Today’s guest is Dr. Adeleh Yarmohammadi, MD, an ophthalmic surgeon in training and passionate about sharing healthy, plant-rich recipes. From a young age, Adeleh knew that when she grew up she would help people. Once in medical school, she wanted to do something visual to use her artistic skills, and that’s how ophthalmology appears. She received her medical degree from Shahid Beheshti Medical University in Tehran, and spent her internship year at UCLA in general surgery. Currently, she is Chief of Residents and is in the UC San Diego department of ophthalmology. Her fervent enthusiasm for trying to improve people’s lives is not only limited to her profession, but she is interested in the science of nutrition to promote healthy plant-based eating.


  • Dr. Yarmohammadi tells how she got into ophthalmology.
  • She answers the big question; what is healthy for her.
  • How she got interested in healthy plant-rich food.
  • Is there a difference in food consumption and food quality from Tehran to San Diego?
  • How we can easily forget the importance of food, and we usually go for snacks because we do not have time.

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