Staying Fit and Healthy while Traveling the World

With Shelby Albo

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Do you know it’s possible to travel the world and stay healthy at the same time? You’re in for a treat! Today’s guest, Shelby Albo, will reveal all her secrets to help you make it possible. Shelby is a travel guru and a fitness trainer, who will share with us tips and tricks to immerse ourselves in a healthier lifestyle and teach us how to adapt to our environment. Finding the perfect balance between what we need and what we like has never been so easy!


  • Shelby describes herself, what she does, and how she is currently adapting to life as a mother and maintaining a fit lifestyle during pregnancy.
  • Shelby comments on the steps of her career, how her passion for traveling grew from domestic flights to becoming a worldwide traveler, while also slowly changing her diet into a healthier and more animal-friendly option. 
  • Travel recommendations in times of Covid-19, social distance workouts, and creating bonds through social media.
  • The importance of healthy food consumption and developing good habits. 
  • Shelby reveals the secrets of ‘yearly cleansing’ – a way to detox by removing unhealthy things from your diet, and how to find a way to make it possible and adapt it to your life.
  • With entertaining stories, Shelby shares trips, tips, and workouts that are posted on Travel Fit Love, where she also offers private sessions.

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