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With Lani Halliday

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Meet the creator of the best cookie in Brooklyn! Today’s guest is Lani Halliday, food artist, baker, and founder of Brutus Bakeshop, a gluten-free pastry company. Her journey began two decades ago when she developed a wheat allergy as a baker and was advised by her naturopath to eliminate gluten from her diet. Her first job was at a grocery store where she learned from a local baker who spotted her and saw her potential. When she had her first child, she worked at Erin McKenna’s bakery downtown and then did not work for six years. After her divorce, she decided to be the director of her life and went to pastry school to potentiate all her creative ideas. With more knowledge and desire to continue growing in the field, she moved to New York and worked at Ovenly as a manager, running their cake program. Her intuition and love for cooking led her to start her own business. Now, Lani is one of the most successful and talented bakers in town, and Brutus Bakeshop is one of New York City’s must-see places.


  • Lani talks about her unique path and culinary experience.
  • She discusses how her wheat allergy incited her to eliminate gluten from her diet.
  • What is Aquafaba: the liquid in chickpeas cans and how to use it for vegan recipes.
  • She says why western medicine and herbal preparations blew her mind. 
  • Lani tells of her gnarly and brutal experiences at restaurants before starting Brutus Bakeshop.

To learn more about Lani Halliday, you can visit Brutus Bakeshop’s website or follow her on Instagram

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