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With Sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs

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Did you ever think that to improve your sex life you have to know what you like? Today’s guest is Dr. Megan Stubbs, EdD; a sexologist, relationships expert, and body image specialist. She has degrees in biology and human sexuality, which combine her two passions, science and sex. Megan was always that friend everyone asked for advice on relationships and sex. When she had her undergraduate degree in biology, she was ready to start medical school, but she chose the path of sexology, putting traditional chemistry aside to focus on the chemistry of people. Sex should be fun and that’s why she educates and entertains with practical steps and information using her smart and humorous delivery to make this happen. Her work is frequently quoted in the national media, she writes for many online and print publications, appears on television, speaks on the radio, and presents at public and private events.


  • Megan tells how she decide to get into the field of sex.
  • What is healthy for her; feeling good and empowered about the decisions you make regarding your sexuality.
  • Importance of touching yourself to know yourself.
  • Why do men care so much about the size? 
  • Micro Cheating, and why it could be good in a relationship.
  • Megan explains what masturdating is and how it can help before a date.
  • Communication as the key for open relationships.
  • Tips to have a better sex life.

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