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With Diana Davis

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Learn to grow your business and improve its image! Diana Davis is a creative photographer, graphic designer, and business consultant who brings vibrant photos and helps clients gain the confidence to succeed. She moved from Montana to New York City without a job or plan, and soon got a job at Time Inc. where she worked as a graphic designer. For a few years she was excited to be able to work in NY, but she got tired of corporate life, because that was not what fed her soul. After several good jobs in the fashion world, she was fired and seized that opportunity. At that point, she met Emily Merrell from Six Degrees Society, the networking group, where she found inspiration to go and give entrepreneurship a shot. She quit graphic design and started doing food and wellness photography. In this way of getting to know herself she found business coaching along the way, giving advice and helping to boost business. The feedback as a coach was incredible, and that’s why she created Camp Clarity, a 90-day group course for creative entrepreneurs.


  • Diana tells why she left the corporate world to take the path of the entrepreneur.
  • She tells how she became a business coach after having one.
  • How Camp Clarity was born; a 90-day group course for creative entrepreneurs.
  • Diana explains how she stays healthy with everything going on her schedule.
  • She embraces the importance of meditation.
  • She tells why she quit coffee, how she replaced it and the changes she is noticing in her body.
  • Finally, she confesses what her last meal would be.

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