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What to Eat After a Summer Workout

July 23, 2022

Working out is great for your body and mind! It keeps you strong and agile, helping to control high blood pressure and preventing health issues caused by sedentism, such as diabetes, colon cancer, and osteoporosis

But are you doing the workout correctly? And we don’t refer to specific exercises or routines, we talk about what you eat after hitting the gym. Yes! Food is as essential as constancy when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. 

The body after a workout 

While working out, your body uses a huge amount of energy, specifically the reserves of glycogen stored in the muscles. Glycogen is a derived compound of glucose. It serves as the fuel for our bones and muscles, giving that quick boost of energy you need to finish a repetition. 

Immediately after working out, your muscles need to regain that energy to recover, repair, and grow stronger. That’s why you need to eat something nutritive in the 15-30 minute window after exercise. 

What to eat after working out

You’ll need three things to replenish your energy levels and help your body recover. Look out for these compounds and prepare ahead a little post-working out snack: 


 it can be from poultry and meat, like a turkey or ham sandwich. But if you are watching your weight or eating plant-based, you can lean into more healthy options. 

You can try dairy proteins such as Greek yogurt, ricotta and cottage cheese, and kefir. Actually, 1 cup serving of low-fat kefir contains 9.2 g of high-quality protein, helping to rebuild muscle cells. 

*Extra tip: pair the snack with an herbal tea for enhancing protein absorption! 


Consuming healthy carbohydrates after working out will not only enhance your energy levels, but also promote glycogen storage. Opt for those with high fiber levels, such as sweet potatoes, grains, oatmeal, low-fat chocolate milk, and quinoa

Healthy fats

Not saturated fats are a great source of energy after working out! Prepare snacks with avocado, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, and dried fruits. This will help you to replenish your body and mental state. 

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