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Foods That Can Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

April 25, 2022

The World Health Organization states that 1.28 billion adults aged 30-79 years worldwide have hypertension. That means their blood pressure is consistently 130/80 mm Hg or higher, causing several health problems. 

Known as “the silent killer,” this disease presents no symptoms at the beginning. With time, effects can feel like headaches, nosebleeds, irregular heart rhythms, vision changes, and buzzing in the ears.

And in chronic cases, severe high blood pressure can cause fatigue, nausea, vomiting, confusion, anxiety, chest pain, and muscle tremors. Even heart attacks and strokes. 

Nevertheless, it’s a preventable and treatable sickness. Especially if you take action as soon as you can. The first step is following a healthy diet!

Foods to avoid 

The principal enemy is salt excess. But you don’t have to cut off salty treats completely to prevent high blood pressure. The key is to control portions, frequency, and salt intake. These are some of the foods you could avoid: 

Industrially-prepared baked goods

Canned soups

Salted nuts and chips

Fried foods

Deli meats, cheese, and full-fat dairy


Butter and margarine

Heavy full-fat salad dressings

Fast foods

Foods to eat to prevent high blood pressure 

As you may have noticed, to prevent hypertension, we need to back off of fried and commercially prepared foods and get closer to more natural and organic options. Try some of this list to start:




Fat-free and low-fat dairy products

Spinach and dark leafy greens

Lean proteins like white fish, chicken, and turkey breast

Beans and legumes




Raisins and dates

Beans and legumes

Whole grains

With a healthy diet and regular medical screenings, you can prevent high blood pressure. Include these ingredients in your routine and improve your lifestyle! 

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