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Bone Broth: The Secret Ingredient for Runners

September 17, 2021

Bone broth has become liquid magic for athletes around the world. Particularly runners who rely on its combination of amino acids, collagen, and gelatin to help maintain muscles, joints, and bones and keep their skin, hair, and digestive system healthy. Even the late NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, incorporated it into his diet. Bone broth has also become part of a runner’s post-run routine as a recovery drink, since its nutrients are more easily digested, plus it can help to hydrate you.  

But what is bone broth exactly? It is the liquid that’s leftover after simmering chicken, beef pig, or sheep bones and connective tissue to extract healing collagen and other powerful minerals. These act as an anti-inflammatory poultice for the body’s joints, muscles, and most importantly, the gut.

Running can be tough on the athlete’s soft tissues and joints, and excessive use could even lead to injury. Bone broth contains anti-inflammatory compounds, that include glucosamine, collagen plus amino acids. Just one glass of this could have up to nine grams of protein. The mix of collagen and glycine can support tendons and ligaments, thus help runners recover after physical stress induced by high-impact running. 

Runners can benefit from incorporating it into their diet because it improves their collagen production, thus potentially preventing injuries and enhance recovery. 

Additionally, because it is rich in protein, it can help leave athletes feeling more satiated throughout the day, thus curbing cravings and overeating.

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