Are Doritos Bad for You? Health Chef Julia

Are Doritos Bad for You? What You Should Know

October 4, 2022

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy snack. So, it’s easier to buy whatever we can find to satiate our hunger. And even though eating Doritos once in a while won’t hurt you, we’ll explain a few reasons why you should always consider other options. 

Doritos are a salt bomb 

Yes, Doritos are a salt bomb, and we are not talking about those that dissolve in our baths. What we mean is that this snack has a super high content of sodium per serving size. One serving of Nacho Cheese Doritos (11 chips) can have up to 210 mg of sodium!

And that’s just per the suggested serving size. Imagine if you eat the whole bag, as a lot of us have… Sodium or salt intake is directly linked to hypertension, a serious health condition that can cause heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses. 

Doritos are made with modified corn

While a simple corn tortilla sprinkled with salt won’t hurt us that bad. Doritos are not only fried and salty, they are made with lab-created corn, better known as GMOs

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are plants or animals whose genetic code has been modified by humans using transgenic technology. The goal is to create a combination of plant or animal variation that wouldn’t occur in a natural setting or through traditional cross-breeding methods. 

That means Doritos don’t contain real corn with their protein, which is why these chips don’t satisfy hunger and only provide empty calories. 

Doritos are designed to be addictive 

Maybe we pick one chip, then another, then another, until we finish the bag and end up with orange fingers as guilty proof of the crime. And we’ll probably blame ourselves and our self-control. 

But the truth is, Doritos are made with addictive ingredients such as sugar, salt, and a chemical flavor enhancer, better known as Monosodium glutamate (MSG). Doritos also contain acids, which cause a release of saliva and trigger the urge to eat.

They also have a “non-specific aroma quality”, a reason why you aren’t able to pick out any one specific flavor, meaning you can eat more without getting sensory burnout.

Moreover, this snack’s formula has changed through the years to ensure the “Doritos experience”, which is just licking the orange dust at the bottom of the bag and our fingers. The problem is that the powder is just the seasoning concentrated. The worst part of the snack. 

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