Corporate team building “Chopped” virtual Competition


( 90 minutes of Competitive Team Cooking Without Recipes! )

There’s no one better to Host & Judge your next team building Chopped Competition thaN Chopped Winner… Chef Julia! Join me in this virtual chopped competition with your company!

This is a Timed Cooking competition! You can feel like a Food Network Chopped Champion! Your employees/teammates will compete with one another to showcase their skills in their own kitchens, with secret ingredients and surprise twists along the way. Chef Julia will be the final judge!

  •  90 minutes of Professional Chef Guidance & Tips
  •  Competitive Team Cooking Without Recipes
  •  Timed Cooking
  •  Printable Shopping List provided
  •  Mystery Boxes shipped – we will ship a three-ingredient Mystery Box to your guests to use during the competition.
  •  Minimum 5 Guests / Maximum 100 Guests
  •  $150 PER PERSON each teammate will receive a Mystery Box 2 days before the virtual event. please allow 7-10 days advance notice for shipping to ensure all teammates can compete in time for the virtual event!


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