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3 Ways to Clean Your Diet and Eat Healthier 

July 15, 2022

Sure, you’ve heard about the health benefits of clean eating. When you choose more natural and nutritive options, you also reduce your salt, sugar, and carbohydrate intake. In the long run, keeping up with this diet, plus exercise can help prevent diabetes type II, heart disease, and even some types of cancer. 

On the surface, this lifestyle change may be scary to make, as it sounds so restrictive and boring… but the key is going back to the basics! 

Clean eating is easy. It means consuming whole foods that are minimally processed and as close to their natural form as possible.

How can you start? Try these five ways to clean your diet and start today:

Cut back on highly processed foods

As we said before, cleaning your diet means eating more naturally. Stay away from sugary baked goods, sodas, frozen meals, instant ramen, and products with artificial coloring or flavors. 

Pick whole grains

ditch the white rice and pasta and replace them with more nutritious options such as whole wheat bread and brown or wild rice. 

Want a little boost? Spread sesame, chia, or sunflower seeds on your soups and salads. Take every opportunity to enhance the meal. Seeds and legumes bring a lot of fiber and blend perfectly with sweet and savory dishes.  

Eat clean, green, and fresh

Make fruits and veggies the star of your cooking. Eating them raw, baked, or even fried! The idea is to add them to every meal. Vary as much as you can, and don’t be too shy to try new recipes. 

Watch what you drink

Beverages such as sodas, energy drinks, and smoothies are packed with refined sugar. To clean your diet, it’s better to stick with plain water and unsweetened tea and coffee. 

Rethink meat and dairy

you can start consuming a smaller amount of meat, milk, and cheese. Later, you can replace a part of them with plant-based sources like grains, seeds, and legumes. 

Extra tip: look out for a farmer’s market in your area and discover what is grown and prepared near you. Generally, these foods are organic and healthier!

Are you looking for new, delicious, and healthy recipes to start eating clean? Check out my Instagram for easy cooking ideas you can make at home.

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