vegan restaurants in nyc

Top 5 vegan restaurants in NYC

May 17, 2021

Whether you live here or are visiting, you’ll quickly discover that New York City is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the U.S.! Here are the top 5 vegan restaurants around the city.

The Organic Grill

The Organic Grill on the Lower East Side has been a neighborhood favorite for over 20 years! In operation since 2000, they recently became fully vegan. They are also certified Kosher, and offer gluten free options including their own house baked gluten free buns! 


123 1st Ave ny 10005

Divya’s Kitchen

Divya’s Kitchen in the East Village combines Ayurvedic principles with their cooking which earned them the statement “just might be the healthiest restaurant in New York City” by the New York Observer. They’re here to prove healthy food IS tasty food! 

You’ll notice their menu categorizes foods using phrases like “warming,” “grounding,” and “cooling,” while also using Ayurvedic phrases like “pitta” and “tridoshic.” Try their seasonal khichari, stir fry bowl, or vegetable curry in cashew sauce as a main dish. All options are vegetarian friendly, and most options are vegan as well. In addition, if you’re also on a gluten free diet, most items are gluten free or offer gluten free substitutions as well! (Yes…even the avocado toast!) 

Check them out here, and you can even order some of their warming mung soup or hearty khichari to make yourself at home!

Divya’s Kitchen

5 1st Ave

New York, NY 10003

Modern Love Brooklyn

Looking for some good vegan American food? Their housemade seitan bean burger is not to be missed, or try a nice big bucket of their vegan wings. End the night with some vegan ice cream and a beverage off their extensive drink menu! 

Or visit them for brunch to try offerings like their veggie brie scramble (using tofu) or chik’n and waffles!

Learn more and check out their menu here!

Le Botaniste 

With a charming French vibe and 99% organic menu, it’s easy to see why Le Botaniste is a big favorite with New Yorkers. It offers a practical world tour with its menu. Try their Tibetan Mama dish, spicy chili sin carne, vegetable tagine, or a veggie sushi roll, among many other globally-inspired dishes. 

Their mission is to make vegetables the center of attention when it comes to food, and to show that vegetarian and vegan food can be just as delicious, if not more so, than meat-based food! 

If you need another reason to be encouraged to visit, Le Botaniste is certified CO2 neutral! 

Le Botaniste 

111 East 7th St

New York, NY 10009

Avant Garden

With its cozy, warm interior and upscale menu, Avant Garden is definitely a place you’ll be wanting to bring your vegan date to! Located just off Avenue A in Brooklyn.

Try their paella made with calasparra rice, merguez royal trumpet, almonds, and red pepper cream, or their spaghetti dish with house made spaghetti, carbonara sauce, smoked mushroom, and spring onion. Top it off with one of their vegan cake choices for dessert!

Check them out here!

Avant Garden

130 E 7th st.

Brooklyn, NY, 10009

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