Recipe Development

Original and authentic mouthwatering recipes that are created to specifically highlight your product while reflecting your brand values. Developed by me, Health Chef Julia, these are the kinds of recipes the entire town will be talkin’ about!

This package includes: a FREE 30 minute phone consultation where I can get to know your brand and we can discuss your goals! Whether you have a cafe, restaurant, food truck or blog––allow me to help! I’ll create a variety of recipe concepts so you can choose which ones we’ll develop. Bring your best self forth through delicious food!

This option includes me, Health Chef Julia, coming to your establishment to teach you and your kitchen staff how to prepare, cook, and plate the recipes we create! Each recipe will elevate your brand by creating a guide for each dish featuring high-quality photos and instructions. As anyone in this industry knows, the menu is one of the most important elements to your establishment. I can also spice up your existing menu by providing exclusive, limited time items and products. Together, we will bring food to life to create and execute an incredible dining experience for your guests.

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