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Kitchen essentials: What every kitchen needs

April 13, 2021

Ever wonder what must-haves youshould have on hand in your kitchen? Here is your ultimate list of essentials! Consider this your shopping list if you’re venturing out into your own apartment for the first time, or buying your first home and want to start off right!


Of course, you’ll need pots and pans for the (hopefully) lots of delicious homemade meals you’ll be making! At the very least, you should have a sautée pan. A sauce pan is ideal for cooking small amounts of things like pasta, rice, soup, and, of course, sauce! You’ll also need a stock pot. These big pots are perfect for cooking large amounts of food like soup or pasta. A cast iron pan is another great piece of cookware to have. Not only are they great for cooking in, but they can also give a little iron off into your food!


Whether you love baking often or just once in a while, there are a few essentials you should have on hand. A muffin tin is a must, it helps hold the shape of muffins and cupcakes as they bake. You can even bake breakfast omelette-bites or mini-quiches in them! A bread pan is nice to have, whether you’re trying your hand at some quarantine-sourdough or making a meatloaf. And a cookie sheet pan is also good to have on hand.

Knives and cutlery

Besides the usual spoons and forks and serving spoons, there are some cutlery essentials you’ll need for cooking prep. A good set of sharp knives is a must. Dull knives can add to your cooking time, and can be frustrating to use, so you don’t want to cheap out on your knives! Of course you’ll also need a cutting board too. Get a dedicated board for meats and one for vegetables and other non-meat items. Most blocks of knives will come with all the types of knives you’ll need in the kitchen. Other cutlery basics include: a can opener, kitchen shears, and a grater. 

Kitchen gadgets

Finally, there are several kitchen gadgets you’ll need for cooking. A blender is perfect for soups and smoothies and other puréed liquid items, while a food processor is great for drier blended items like guacamole and hummus, as well as for slicing and grating. Slow cookers and instant pots are having a moment right now, and for good reason! Depending on your needs and lifestyle, each has their own benefits and can be a good tool to have on hand. A toaster oven is great for heating up small amounts of food. A strainer is needed for draining pasta etc.

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