Easy and Romantic Valentine’s Day Recipes for Two

February 10, 2021

This year, Valentine’s day might look different for many of us. With the global health crisis going on, it’s harder to find safe ways to get out for that romantic dinner date with your special someone.

Luckily, you can score some seriously decadent dishes without a dinner reservation—as long as you make them yourself! Preparing your own V-day meal doesn’t have to be daunting, especially with a few easy recipes you both will adore. Try these indulgent and simple (but surprisingly fancy) ideas to make the celebration a success.

Delicious Entrees

Flavorful entrees don’t have to be a huge production. You’d be surprised at just how delicious a quick and easy meal can be!

Pastas and proteins can be a great combination for beginners, from creamy chicken and pasta to lobster linguine. For even more ease, check for recipes that call for simple ingredients and a one-pot cooking technique to make preparation and cleanup a snap. Of course, if you want to go above and beyond, you can always show off your skills by making pasta by hand!

For the ultimate in easy meals, go for a slow-cooker recipe like skillet chicken pot pie, which can even be doctored to add the herbs and spices you (or your special someone) love. Don’t forget about stir fry and pot roasts, which take a long time but bring big flavor with low effort on your end!

Sweet Treats

The tricky part of your V-day dessert is the scale: how do you create a romantic, mouth-watering treat for two instead of a big batch fit for a crowd?

A little creativity can help! One classic place to start is with fondue, which can be whipped up for two in no time at all and paired with fruits, sweets, and crackers for added fun. For the ultimate in ease, you can also whip up a half-batch of your favorite cookies to make in a skillet, topping it with ice cream and caramel for an easy win.

Want to get fancy? It’s not hard to find recipes for tiny cakes for two, like this decadent triple-layer vanilla cake. Alternately, you can bring in a little fancy flair with these lemon raspberry tarts, which are deceptively easy to make. 

Decadent Cocktails

The night isn’t over without a refreshing cocktail—and it’s always fun to add a special Valentine’s twist! The best Valentine’s day cocktail recipes will have a hint of pink or red hues, like this delicious pomegranate and persimmon sangria, which is perfect for snuggling up together on a cold winter day. Mulled wines, like this vanilla pomegranate version, are also a good way to warm up from the inside out!  

No matter what you choose to make for your special celebration, preparing the meal by hand can add a lovely, personal touch to the big day. Invest a little time in finding the ingredients and recipes your partner adores for real success, and enjoy that special moment. For more of the food tips you need for celebrations and beyond, be sure to check out my other posts!


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