Ramps: What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

Interesting info on a lesser known veggie…Ramps! What they are, what they taste like, and the best way to cook/serve them.

I am all about using in-season produce whenever possible, but I know some people are put off by using certain veggies or fruits that they’re not familiar with…even if they are the freshest picks at the market right now! An example of one of these items is….Ramps!

Have you heard of them? I’m sure you’ve seen them! They vaguely resemble scallions (green onions) but have a more full head of greens on top. Almost pretty enough to put in a vase! But that would be a waste of all that ramps have to offer your cooking.

Ramps: What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

What are Ramps?

Often mislabeled or confused with leeks, ramps are a veggie all their own. Similar to leeks, however, they are great for adding flavor to dishes. Their flavor is slightly more pronounced than a leek, scallion, or onion, but less pungent garlic—and somehow has flavor notes of all four. They can be more pungent in flavor depending on the region they’re grown w

Ramps are one of the first “signs of spring” in the world of produce since they’re season starts in late March or April. When buying them look for greens that are dark— but not army fatigue dark —green. The best ones with have greens with no transparency or wilting. The stalks will be scallion-sized, and the total length should be about 10-14 inches long.

What’s the best way to use them?

Ramps are popular to use in classic French, Italian, and nouveau American cuisines, but can also be seen in Asian dishes. Keep them raw and slice them thin to sprinkle on top of grain bowls and salads. Sauté them in oil and fold them into potato or pasta salad, scrambled eggs, chicken dishes, or cream based sauces. Blend them into pesto or toss them on to homemade pizza. You can even broil them as a crispy topping for various meat or fish dishes!

Recipes with Ramps

Here are some delicious recipes that feature the versatility of ramps!

Spring Potato Salad with Ramps and Radishes

Orange Glazed Carrots with Ramp Barley and Spinach

Vegan Ramp Tacos

Ramp Pesto Pizza with Clams

Have you cooked with ramps before?

What’s your favorite ways to use them?