Where Can I Find Probiotics?

Unless you have immune system problems or serious medical conditions, you can safely consume probiotics foods and supplements without prescription or supervision from healthcare practitioners. In the United States, probiotics are sold as supplements, not drugs. 

Health benefits of probiotics supplements are strain-specific. Not all strains are useful for everyone depending on any underlying medical condition. Just because certain brands of probiotics supplements are good for someone, it does mean they are good for you too. It is always best to consult a doctor before you consume any of probiotics supplements. Probiotics also exist naturally in some foods such as:

  1. Yogurt: choose only yogurt made of natural ingredients, not those that contain sugar and syrup
  2.  Sauerkraut: unpasteurized sauerkraut is best, because pasteurization process kills good active bacteria
  3. Dark chocolate: it contains not only probiotics, but also antioxidants to keep the digestive tract healthy
  4.  Miso: low in calories and high in B vitamins, this salty soup is loaded with good bacteria for human
  5. Pickles: naturally fermented pickles (without yeast and vinegar) contain healthy amount of probiotics
  6. Tempeh: made from fermented soybean, tempeh brings natural antibiotics that kill bad bacteria
  7. Kimchi: a spicy pickled cabbage filled with probiotics, calcium, and vitamins.
julia chebotar