How Long Does it REALLY Take to Form a Healthy Habit?

The truth about forming healthy habits and my tips for make the process easier!

We all have our own personal habits…some good, some bad.

Habits take just as long to form as they do to break. But how long do habits ACTUALLY take to form?

Some say 21 days, others say 30. But according to research, it takes on average 66 days (or around 2 whole months!) to form a healthy habit or break a bad one. Overall, the more strict you are in sticking to a new habit in the beginning the more likely you’ll be able to sustain the positive changes long term.

And of course, give yourself AT LEAST 2 months of hard effort to form or break a habit before calling it quits!

To help you on your wellness journey, I am sharing my top tips for forming a healthy habit and sticking to it long term.

How Long Does it REALLY Take to Form a Healthy Habit? | Health Chef Julia

Identify What Needs Changing

The first step is always self reflection. Take inventory of your current habits, routine, and daily choices and decide which ones are serving you versus which ones are not. Pick one thing that you’d like to change for the better.

Make a Plan of Action

With your goal narrowed down, now it’s time to plan out the actionable steps you will take to achieve it. For example: if your goal is to start packing your lunch everyday instead of getting takeout with your coworkers, you have to schedule out time to go grocery shopping for healthy foods once a week, to meal prep, and then to assemble your lunch the night before or morning of work.

Stay Accountable

It’s so much easier to stay on track with your goals when you share them with others! Whether that’s posting about it on social media, doing a challenge at your local gym, telling your roommate about your new plan, or checking in with a health or life coach on a regular basis….having someone who can chat about your progress/struggles/successes with is KEY to forward momentum towards your goal.

Focus on the Future

We all LOVE instant gratification…but anything worth having (or in this case CHANGING) doesn’t come quickly or easily. Don’t get bogged down with negative thoughts about how challenging this new habit is to form. Instead, focus on your future self and how thankful you’ll be for doing this hard work to become a better version of YOU.

Be Patient

With yourself AND the process. 66 days is just an average. Some people may form habits quicker and some may take longer. Your journey is individual so give yourself grace and trust that your hardwork will pay off in the end.

Have you tried breaking or forming any habits lately?

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