The "gut" is the hollow tube that passes from someone's mouth to the anus. This way, anything that is being consumed in the mouth and cannot be digested will be excreted through the other end of the gut. This is the most simple and yet most important function of the gut; to prevent any foreign substance from entering a person's body.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating things in the body like your mood, appetite, and sleep. The right amount of serotonin in the brain yields a relaxed and positive feeling.As it turns out, almost 90% of the serotonin in the body is located in the gut. Boosting your gut health with helpful bacteria will not only improve digestion, but it can also benefit your mood! The remaining 10% is synthesized in your central nervous system (CNS). The serotonin can actually modulate motility in the gut. When the levels of serotonin are skewed, it can cause either constipation or diarrhea.

Your gut health and immune system are intimately linked. The gut is the first access point for exposure to pathogens (disease-causing agents); therefore your gut immune system has to be thriving and healthy so as to avoid illness. Your gut plays a key role in your immunity and health. About 80 to 85% of your immune cells are located in your digestive system.

It's amazing to me that practically if not everything we research goes back to gut health. New research suggests that gut bugs may affect the severity and risk of a heart attack. It similarly suggests that probiotics may protect the heart of those who are undergoing surgery! That's amazing and shows just how far modern medication has come in understanding the significance of probiotics and their role towards a healthy heart, healthy body as well. The key to good health lies in tiny, but then powerful, good gut bacteria.

One of the major recent medical revelations is the important connection between gut health and wellness. Ongoing scientific research suggests that microbiome, the good bacteria in our gut, helps prevent and perhaps even heal autoimmune diseases. In actual fact, our bodies are full of more healthy bacteria than the actual human cells! Since the gut is the center of our immune system, it's very important to develop beneficial routines and practices. Even though a healthy microbiome is somewhat inherited, there are several choices you can make to guarantee a protected, functioning and flourishing immune system.

Your gut is not just responsible for the digestion of food and nutrients, but it is connected to your whole body in many ways and is vital for your entire health. An unhealthy gut will lead to various problems within your body, some of which may seem totally unrelated to the gut.