Essential oil is a concentrated and volatile liquid, which is extracted from the various parts of the plant such as the leaves, stems, roots, bark, wood, etc. Essential oil is considered as the real essence of nature in the form of oil. It is quite likely that the term oil being used in the “essential oil” can give you that sticky feeling. But, you should be aware that essential oil is not at all sticky like the other edible and synthetic oils.

Essential oils have fragrant, aromatic molecules that can pass right through the brain barrier, having a direct effect on the parts of our brain in charge of controlling feelings of anxiety, panic, stress, and depression. Furthermore, the interesting thing is that essential oils can be both stimulating and calming. The same oil may have a different "effect" depending on what is required of it. Thus a restless person may find that he/she feels calm after using a particular oil, while another person who is feeling weak and depressed may get an uplifting and energizing effect using the same oil. This is the reason why some essential oils are called "adaptogens" because they can literally adapt to the needs of the individual using the oil.

A healthy digestion is essential for vital living. And at times our digestive system needs a little bit of upkeep. Essential Oil can similarly be used to support healthy digestion. This all natural remedy can help soothe and balance your digestive tract and promote healthy elimination. Essential oil can be helpful for occasional bloating and gas and can help relieve that feeling of fullness.

Just as good diet and exercise promotes a healthy day and a sound sleep, essential oils have a similar benefit to the body. Enhancing energy levels during the day will curb the body's need to drain the adrenal glands, in that way promoting a more relaxed approach to the day’s tasks. Many oil fans will tell you they use at least one every day based on its suitability to that specific day. Perhaps Orange oil for a more relaxed mood, Rosemary or peppermint for mental alertness; choosing the oil that will bring the most benefit to your tasks that day can help ensure you achieve a better sleep.

Essential oils have changed our lives in a lot of ways that it’s hard for us not to talk about them at all time. It’s indeed all the little hacks that just make life easier for you as a mom, wife, and woman. Essential oils takes your fabulous everyday tool kit and turn it into a supped up MacGyver tool kit.