Have irregular periods ever messed up your entire week? So, therefore, knowing how to make your period come faster and without any issue can give you a great peace of the mind. Periods being frustratingly irregular and inconsistent is not a surprising issue. It can really get inconvenient, especially if there is one event or the other coming up. If your periods are late, it’s always frustrating to wear pads for such lengthy periods of time.

For these reasons and some others, you probably would have wished a lot of times that you just knew that celery makes your period come faster if not just by a magic wand. If you want to hurry up your period arrival naturally, try eating stalks of celery. It contains apiol which is a natural substance known for stimulating contractions of the uterus.

Completely natural, safe and recommended by the doctors, drinking celery juice is one way which you can induce an early period. A fresh celery juice two times a day can stimulate the flow of blood to your uterus and pelvis, thereby inducing your period. A safe and natural way to induce periods without feeling any unpleasant or dangerous side effects is to drink plenty celery juice. Doctors do recommend fresh celery juice to females who suffer from the irregular monthly menstrual cycle. This crunchy, light vegetable is filled with water and has no calories. It will help with bloating, and it’s just good for you generally. If you don’t like the taste, you can spread it with dark chocolate.

This vegetable is well-known for being the only food that eating it actually burns more calories than it has. However, far more important, it can be of great help against unwanted swelling during your period. Celery mostly consists of water which will keep you hydrated and keep your digestion going smoothly. Consider celery as a healthy snacking choice during your period (really good when combined with a delicious dip like peanut butter).

You have experienced it: cramps running through your stomach and it seems like nothing will help. You have taken painkillers, you have applied heating pads, you have spent the whole day in bed watching Netflix. However, now you know that eating raw celery or combining it peanut butter or dark chocolate during your period or even the week before can help your body deal with your period issues and reduce other symptoms as well.

julia chebotar