5 Healthy Kitchen Hacks for Meal Prepping

My top 5 tips for making meal prep more convenient and less time consuming! Keep your fridge stocked with healthy foods all week by using my kitchen meal prep hacks.

If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE fan of meal prepping. I block out a few hours once a week (usually Sunday) and bulk prep a bunch of healthy proteins, veggies, grains, and a few snacks to keep my fridge stocked all week long. I can’t tell you how big of a lifesaver having these pre-prepped foods is during a busy week of running around NYC! Plus, like most people, if I don’t make the time to prepare nutritious meal options, I tend to go for the less healthy, convenience foods.

Whether you work in an office, from home, or are running around most of the day like me, meal prepping is a total game changer to help you stick to your healthy eating habits.

The only real downside I see to meal prepping is that it can be a little time consuming. I’m a chef and even for me spending more 2-4 hour in the kitchen meal prepping .can be exhausting! And If you don’t particularly enjoy cooking, then it can be a total pain in the butt.

That’s why today I am sharing my TOP tips and tricks for getting your prep done efficiently and effectively. And who knows?! Maybe with these healthy kitchen hacks you’ll actually start to enjoy meal prepping! 😉

5 Healthy Kitchen Hacks for Meal Prepping

5 Healthy Kitchen Hacks for Meal Prepping

Set It and Forget It

Slow cooker meals are your BEST friend! You can cook soups, stews, and dozens of other meals in your Crock Pot while you’re sleeping or at work. Just throw all your ingredients in the pot, put it on low setting overnight or on high if you’ll be gone for a few hours, and have multiple meals prepped without much effort. You can also meal prep staples like rice or quinoa without having to wait bear the stove or breakfast foods like big batches of oats or even egg casserole.

Sheet Pan Meals

One pan = a full meal. Choose a veggie, a protein, and a carb like potatoes or sweet potatoes, marinade them or toss them with a tasty sauce, and roast in the oven until cooked through. Some combos I like:

  • veggie sausage with Japanese sweet potatoes, pears, and Brussels sprouts tossed with a maple-dijon sauce

  • cubed tofu with chickpeas, cauliflower, red onion, and moroccan spices

  • wild salmon with white beans and broccolini tossed with a white wine marinade

Use the Assembly Line Method

Working in an assembly line is one of my best tips for getting your meals prepped efficiently and effectively! Chop all your ingredients ahead of time. Marinade and season anything that needs it. Set up your Tupperwares or food container and divide up all the food into individual meal portions. Multi-tasking is great for some tasks, but for meal prepping focusing on one task at a time is key!

Smoothie Packs

Breakfast can be meal prepped too! Smoothies are great for taking on the go but make it even easier on yourself by making smoothie packs in ziploc bags. Having pre-portioned smoothie ingredients ready to go means that you’ll have no excuses to reach for that protein bar or baked good at a local coffee shop.

Use berries, spinach, banana, chia seeds, oats, or any other smoothie ingredients you like. Place the bags in the freezer and in the morning add almond milk or water and blend!

Make Once, Use 3 Times

Make one protein, carb, or vegetables and plan 3 different meals/ways you can use it for the week. For example, make a big match of baked tofu and use it as a topping for pasta with sauce, put it in a DIY taco bowl, or wrap it up with hummus and veggies.

Tell me some of your favorite meal prep hacks in the comments!