10 Best Essential Oils and How to Use Them

A roundup of the best, most beneficial essential oils and the proper, most effective ways to use them!

Holistic health practices have become extremely mainstream in the past few years. More people are opting for natural, homeopathic remedies as opposed to pharmaceuticals, harsh cleaning products, and chemical filled beauty products.

The use of essential oils has become especially popular! A lot of companies (and individuals) now extract and bottle essential oils for a variety of uses including cleaning products, treatment of health conditions, and in aromatherapy.

10 Best Essentials Oils and How to Use Them


Best for: relaxation, skin issues, speeding healing, improved digestion, pain relief, reduced inflammation


Best for: alleviating headaches, relieving digestive issues, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, freshening air, easing congestion


Best for: boosting memory, reducing congestion, soothing headaches, alleviating muscle aches and cramps, healing skin problems, promoting healthy digestion


Best for: uplifting mood, boosting immune system, preventing infection, aids cognitive function, reduces inflammation


Best for: reducing pain and swelling, healing skin, healthy circulation, aiding digestion, boosting immune system 


Best for: stress reduction, boosting immune system, balancing hormones, improving mental clarity, promoting healthy sleep, killing germs and bacteria

Tea Tree

Best for: healing acne, treating athlete‚Äôs foot, reducing dandruff, treating bad breath, insect repellent 

Sweet Orange

Best for: killing germs, relieves sore muscles and joints, boosts brain function and mental clarity, improves blood circulation, helps with milk production in new moms  


Best for: promoting relaxation, lifting mood, helps digestive problems, kills bacteria


Best for: fighting jet lag, giving an energy boost, stimulates the immune system, acts as an appetite suppression, good for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens

Tell me your favorite essential oil in the comments and how you use it!

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