Black-Owned Businesses to Support in NYC Right Now

June 9, 2020

A round up of black-owned restaurants and businesses in NYC that you can support right now!

There’s a lot going around on social media and online in general right now about how to best advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. People are even going as far as to say some forms of support are ‘wrong’ and some are ‘right’. I am trying my best to learn and be as best an ally I can, but one thing I am sure of…supporting black-owned and POC-owned restaurants is one thing we can ALL do to positively impact those groups.

I’ve decided to gather up a list of black-owned restaurants in the NYC are that my fellow New Yorker’s can patronize right now.

Black-Owned Businesses to Support in NYC Right Now | Health Chef Julia

Black-owned restaurants in New York City

Black-owned restaurants in Queens

Black-owned Brooklyn | This digital publication highlighting-black owned businesses in the borough two years ago, but the site has gained a lot more of followers this past week. It looks at a variety of businesses, including restaurants.

EatOkra | An app that was created three years ago and highlights black-owned restaurants across the city. Its database currently has more than 2,500 restaurants spread out across the city.

125 Black-Owned Businesses (not just restaurants!) to Support Right Now | In NYC and beyond.

Do you know any black-owned businesses that we should be supporting right now?

Tell me in the comments!


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