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10 Fruits and Veggies that Can Stay Fresh for Months

July 8, 2022

There is nothing sadder than throwing out rotting fruits and vegetables that you intended to eat through the week, but didn’t have enough time to cook! 

And you are not alone. Actually, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, about 40% of the food that’s grown and sold in America is thrown out. This alarming fact affects our lifestyles and homes, especially our environment. 

While you can reduce, reuse, and recycle, there’s a lot of waste we can prevent in the kitchen. Especially fruits and vegetables that seem to have a shorter shelf life. 

Try the next tricks and store fresh goodies for a long time: 

  1. Apples: place apples separately in an unsealed plastic bag in the crisper drawer. They can last up to 4 months in the fridge! 
  1. Onions: store them in a mesh bag, hidden in a dark spot in the kitchen, and they might last up to a month.

Better yet, place them in a dry area where the temperature stays between 30-50 °F, and they’ll keep for up to a year.

  1. Potatoes: first and foremost, keep them away from apples and onions! These two foods emit gasses that speed up the ripening process. 

Away from the onions and apples, you can store potatoes in a dark cabinet for 2-4 months. Generally, basements or cellars provide perfect potato-storage conditions. 

  1. Carrots: moisture is the number one enemy for storing carrots. Please put them in an open plastic bag and layer them with paper towels to absorb humidity. This way they can last up to 2 months! 
  1. Pumpkins: these Halloween favorites can last up to 3 months on your kitchen counter! If you want to keep it fresh for some more, store them in the fridge. 
  1. Garlic: to store garlic for up to 3-4 months, put the whole bulbs in the fridge in a paper bag. Don’t cut them up or all your food will smell like garlic!
  2. Beets: these sweet treats are meant to last! Keep them fresh by removing the top and storing them in a cool, dark, and humid space like a root cellar. This way they can last up to 3 months. 
  1. Lemons: they might look beautiful on your kitchen counter, but that way they stay fresh for a week. Place them in a sealed plastic bag inside the refrigerator to save their juiciness for up to a month.
  1. Oranges: you can store oranges loose in the refrigerator crisper up for two months. And why stop there? Zest or peel them and freeze this powerful ingredient for up to 3 months.
  1. Pomegranates: the most important step with this fruit is not to cut it open. While the whole pomegranate can last for up to 2 months in the fridge, its seeds tend to be more sensitive. 

If you want to use them for salads or desserts, freeze the seeds and eat them fresh for up to 3 months! 

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